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We coach everyday women on how to develop a healthy relationship with food that is going to help them maintain their results long term. We also tailor our program to each client, because everyone is different.

I enjoyed myself at wine night and didn’t stress about it. I also didn’t weigh myself the next day which is exactly what I would have done before CWC.
I’ve been struck by your phenomenal coaching and friendship. You are such a good cheerleader and that makes all the difference in the world.
Your ability to be completely raw and share your truth is awe inspiring. I just love the FB group, your live videos, your Insta stories and your podcasts.
Tammy Deaton
Your approach to counting macros, reinforcing that there are no bad foods, and that success with the program is not just "calories in/calories burned," is what makes the difference. Not once have I felt deprived of any food and begrudgingly feeling like I am once again on a diet!
Nancie Reese
This Community is the BEST thing that ever happened to my body image mindset. Caroline is a flat out sweetheart who is so raw and transparent. She and Dana have found their calling and it’s freaking beautiful. Check-ins are the best part, you really feel like their only client.
Melanie Champlain
Knowing you’re there to give advice or talk me through different situations like wine night is so reassuring. Even if I already know exactly what you’re going to tell me, it helps to hear it!
I have my life back and I am encouraged every single day because you believed in me, when nobody else did.
Leann Carroll
I was a CWC Facebook group member for awhile before joining. For me, I wanted to learn more about it and see how it works. They’ve (and I mean the ENTIRE community) welcomed me and lifted me so high that I never looked back.
Christy Bailey
You can eat anything you want to eat, there are no specific restrictions. They ask you what your likes and dislikes are and tailor your meal plan to fit your needs. You have weekly check-ins and they make adjustments as needed. I’ve been with Caroline for a little over a year, I love it! It is the most unconditional love approach I have experienced in my nutritional journey, which is what I needed.
Natalie Renfrow
Thank you so much for being so real. It’s easy to see people’s perfect lives on social media but you are so transparent. It’s refreshing to know that you aren’t perfect!
Kerry Kitterman
Thank you for filling my social media with your realness and motivation. You are who you are and you are willing to share your good days as well as the bad.
Christina Richey
I’ve tried to love myself for so long and it is so refreshing to finally not just be a number.
Tiffani Orr
There just aren’t enough words to describe the freedom and the support that your program brings. I love that it’s not strict and that the bad is posted along with the good!
What you are accomplishing with this group of women is straight FIRE! Some join strictly for the food freedom knowledge, but most join because of you. Your personality and relatability is what excites everyone and it’s contagious.
Mary G.
I cannot get over how nice all of you ladies are. I am amazed at this Community already. Everyone is so encouraging and that’s not something you always see in a group of women and I’m here for it!
Thank you, Caroline! You always make me feel better after my check-ins, whether I did great or horrible!
April Zumwalt
I love this way of life. I love this way of eating. I don’t feel deprived. I feel stronger physically and mentally. Depression seems to be better managed, and I’m up for so many more challenges than before.
Rachael Massey
Thank you for playing such a great role in my life as a Coach, a teacher, and a DOER of it all!
Juanita Hern
You are so positive, encouraging, and influential. Thank you for organizing, planning, and truly putting your heart and soul into giving back to each and every one of your members. I know I love it! THANK YOU!
Andrea V.
Here I am now, sitting in my bathtub crying because I’ve had more energy this past week than I’ve had in a year. I’ve felt better about myself than I have in a year. I don’t love myself any less now at 173 lbs than I did at 128 lbs. Thank you for this group and for your guidance and support. This is truly the first time I’ve seen a light at the end of the tunnel in a year.
Doni Imes
Joining this Community has truly been life changing for me! I can’t thank you enough!
Sarah Orr
I’m just so happy to be a part of this community and thankful to have you as my coach. And I know that the awareness and self talk is from this amazing group. It’s kind of wild how you can feel support and encouragement from strangers!
Elisabeth S.
Caroline Mathias is the coolest person ever! I’m not even currently doing her program yet she still makes me feel like I belong and still lifts me up! THAT is freaking amazing! Her Community/program are legit!
Michelle R.
Thank you for the encouragement, the advice and most of all for allowing a space where everything doesn’t have to be rainbows and unicorns.
Elisabeth Seitz
I feel like this is finally doable! I am not overwhelmed for the first time. I can do this when the motivation fails because I don’t feel deprived! This is the first time I have felt this way in the 17 years.
My life has literally changed in just a matter of 7 days. It’s like the guilt is gone. Thank you for everything you do.
Molly M.
This is going to sound corny and cheesy, but you have been such a tremendous blessing in a ridiculously short amount of time. You are so much more than a diet coach or a trainer. This is an uber goofy way of saying “thank you” for being the type of woman who lifts others up.
Melanie C.
Again today I have tears reading your post as that is 100% me, and I am still constantly struggling. The battle of trying to put forth that ten foot tall, bullet proof exterior can be a bitch at times. I am so glad I found you for so many reasons! Thank you!
Gina W.
I stayed on plan this week, and that includes eating out 3 times, as well as enjoying a light beverage each time…I am loving this! I am absolutely LOVING this feeling of being in control with food!
I am happy I found you! Your words of wisdom keep me motivated, and I love that you are very understanding!
Nanncy Yang
From March to June, this is what this program has done for me. No magic pills, no “fit teas”, no fad “diet”, just normal food and exercise with consistency and patience.
Nellie Y.
Life is better with Caroline in it!
Rachelle R.
She holds you accountable in a very loving way. She never beats you up or makes you feel less when life happens.
Amber Starr
You know what I love about you? That you care so much about all of us and you know that restricting things isn’t feasible long term. I love that you find ways to allow us to splurge without hurting our progress.
Morgan H.
For 15 years I slaved at the gym. I ate “healthy” but I ate everything and had “cheat meals.” I constantly injured myself, and had an unhealthy relationship with the gym.
After seeing Caroline work her magic with so many others, I decided to flip the script and try something new. JUST tweaking the way I ate led to massive changes in just one month! Thank you Caroline, you are a life changer!
Melanie M.
Your video totally helped motivate me this morning. I was so not wanting to workout today, but I sucked it up and I’m here doing cardio this morning and back tonight for weights. #noexcuses
Lindsay B.
Thank you for working with me to make this as easy and enjoyable as possible! I should have reached out to you sooner!
My life is changing and I owe it to you! Doctor took me off my blood pressure medication!
Amber G.
I wanted to first off start by saying how amazing Caroline’s meal plan is! I saw it and was almost in tears! It’s so amazing!
Stephanie A.
I didn’t just join this group to get fit, I joined it to find a sustainable & healthy lifestyle. I just want to say “thank you” to Caroline and to all of you ladies, you are all beautiful and amazing!
Ashley Sides
I am very grateful for you, your passion and the Community! You are an awesome coach and I appreciate you so much!
Kris B.
I am so excited to have a coach who is human and understands what it’s like to be a real person and not a machine!
Lynn M.
Thank you so much for all that you do for me! Your words of encouragement and your realness in the Community are so helpful! I wouldn’t be doing this without The Community support!
You have been the voice in my head that tells me I can succeed, even when I can’t do it myself. You have reminded me why so many times and have lovingly allowed me to fail and get right back up. I am grateful and thankful you listened to your calling.
Heather O.
This is the first time in a LONG time that I’ve seen this kind of definition in my arms/upper body again. It is also the first time that I’m not feeling completely depleted of energy, or the will to continue after 12 weeks…It is the first time I’ve worked with someone who created a flexible meal plan for me(I literally look forward to each meal,) someone who is equally as invested in my mental progress in relation to my self image, as my own physical progress. Caroline is the REAL DEAL ladies!!!
Jackie V.
There have been two large bags of candy at my work this week, and candy is my weakness. Today there is a birthday celebration, along with puppy chow–which is also a weakness of mine. What is crazy is that I am certain if I messaged you, you would let me have as much as I wanted. But what’s crazier is that mentally KNOWING that I can have it makes it easier to step away from it.
Ever since I competed years ago I have had some serious struggles with my self-image, relationship with food, and motivation to workout. I’ve come a long way on my own, but I knew I needed some extra accountability now in order to really keep moving forward with where I really want to be. I started working with Caroline at the beginning of this month & I’m enjoying all of my food, I have more energy in the gym, & I’m actually seeing progress! Usually at this point on my own I would throw in the towel, tell myself I should just start this New Year, but knowing she is helping me & the group of supportive women who are in the Community, I am continuously motivated and encouraged not to give up!
Jackie V.
Caroline, you are so refreshing… which is why I chose to be a part of The Community. I love that you take the time to be so real, to share how hard it’s been for you. I needed to find someone like you, to HEAR and to SEE that you’re doing it. For me it’s not just about the physical (even though the physical payoff is AMAZING!), but like you were talking about the “freedom.” I live my life more fully, with love, more freely, less restricted, and more outward towards others when I am not so self conscious about the way I feel. I’ve been following you and watching you and I see the realness in you that I haven’t seen in the millions of other fitness accounts. You’re doing a great thing and I’m glad I found you! Looking forward to this journey with you!
Nellie Y.
I could tell that I had made progress, but seeing the pictures gave me chills. As I have told you before, you have found your calling! Thank you so much!
Kimberly J.
I have to say that you have been more of a “doctor” to me than all of my doctors who refuse to help me, who continue to tell me that there is nothing I can do and that I should just take a pill.
Heather O.
My customized meal plan is very detailed, and has so many options! To be honest I was a bit anxious thinking it would be all chicken, fish, broccoli, asparagus, and fish. I LOVE IT! Let the real life balance begin!
Kristina W.
You make this easy, and I truly don’t feel overwhelmed like I have in the past when I have tried to eat healthier! This plan is so doable!
Angie C.
I wanted to let you know how amazing I think you are. It has been a very long time since I’ve been around someone who truly cares about other people. I am very thankful for you and want you to know how much I appreciate you!
Diana E.
I just wanted to tell you that I am writing this through tears. I got back in the gym every day this week for the first time since January. My depression and paralyzing anxiety had taken me into a hole that I am slowly climbing out of. The small food victories, the grace, and the encouragement from you, as well as witnessing what is happening in the Community has been a big part of getting me out. Thank you!
This past weekend I when I was at the lake, my girlfriends were so complimentary. That just fills up a gal to receive encouragement and adoration for hard work, when sometimes we are our own worst critics. You’re changing lives. Thank you for teaching me so much a year ago, I still apply it to my daily life.
Emily W.
I did not step on the scale this week, and I am one who steps on the scale DAILY. I think I am finally letting go of the number and focusing more on how I feel.
Thank you for helping me become a momma again. Thank you for listening to me whine of why I can’t, and thank you for understanding that I am your turtle in this race, slow and steady because it is about health not quick fixes. And thank you most of all for giving my kids back their mom.
Heather O.
You are so awesome! People seriously don’t know how good I get to eat on my meal plan…steaks and pancakes, what?!?!
Lindsay B.