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About the Community

In our community we focus on self care and full transparency. When you join us you will not only reach your goals, but you will absolutely LOVE your meal plan in the process! My mission is to fit the foods that you love into your plan so that you can continue this for the rest of your life. At NO point do I want you feeling restricted. Restriction leads to obsessing, and obsessing leads to binging. If there is anything that you want added to your plan, I will make it work. If there is a food that you wish to never eat again, rest assured it will NOT be in your meal plan. You will receive a cheat meal each week, and depending upon your goals maybe even two! We do not place weight on setbacks. Life happens and we all have them. We focus only on moving forward each day and doing the best we can. My only rules in the community are no dwelling and no binging, because neither are conducive to a healthy mindset regarding food. Weigh ins are not required, our progress is measured only by pictures, how our clothes fit, and most importantly how WE FEEL. I am going to teach you the exact tricks which I still apply today to reach your goals, along with bomb recipes, weekly workouts, and the most amazing community of supportive women. Expect to learn how to reach your goals while also realizing food freedom in the process. What are you waiting for?!