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About Caroline

restrictive "fad" dieting

In 2014, I set out to do something I’d always believed was impossible for me: achieve a balance with food, fitness, and myself. After years of struggling with addictive and compulsive behaviors surrounding food and alcohol, I found a system that worked for me, and started Community With Caroline (CWC) in December of 2017. CWC changed the course of my life, but most importantly, enabled me to help change the lives of thousands of other people as well. CWC helps people realize their personal fitness goals through food freedom, not restrictive “fad” diets. 

CWC helps people realize their goals through food freedom and self acceptance, not "bro diets and workouts."

My delicious obsession with freddie mercury

check out my Freddie mercury body paint VIDEO!

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my experience with breast implant illness

My experience with breast implant illness, including a list of my symptoms, the incredible story of the exact moment I knew that’s what I was suffering from, my explant surgery, and my healing journey since.

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