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Sally A. Hoedel, author of “Destined to Die Young”

CWC Podcast
CWC Podcast
Sally A. Hoedel, author of "Destined to Die Young"

On this week’s episode of the CWC podcast I have the pleasure of interviewing Sally A. Hoedel, author of Destined to Die Young, the definitive examination of why the world lost Elvis Presley when he was only forty-two years old. I was honored and excited to chat with Sally about her longtime love of Elvis, why she set out to write this book, and ultimately why she believes that Elvis would have wanted this story to be told. In Destined to Die Young, Hoedel examines Elvis' downward spiral through a unique lens of genetic and physical health struggles. Hoedel’s research, based on scientific data and interviews she conducted with people who knew Elvis personally, aims to dispel the theory that drug abuse is what killed Elvis. Readers may be surprised to learn that, based on Elvis' family history and the genes he was dealt, nothing could have saved the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.