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Ep 029: John Romaniello

CWC Podcast
CWC Podcast
Ep 029: John Romaniello

This week on the CWC podcast, I sit down with New York Times bestselling author and outspoken feminist, John Romaniello. John is a master storyteller, polyamorist, and professional mentor who helps entrepreneurs build and scale businesses through writing and branding. We have a heartfelt and open discussion about what polyamory is, why it works for him, and the importance of honesty and consensuality. John hopes his candidness in openly and honestly discussing his love life creates a safe space for people to explore their own sexual identities and preferences. We speak about his struggles with ADHD and how it impacts his writing as well as his personal life, and the day-to-day life of a writer/mentor. We end with a fun Q&A, and John encourages you to share your favorite parts of this episode with him (and me!), and explore any topics that may have been triggering with an open mind.

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