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Carla Rhodes

CWC Podcast
CWC Podcast
Carla Rhodes

This week on the CWC podcast, I sit down with Carla Rhodes. Carla is a wife of 22 years, mother of two (ages 19 and 17), an online boutique owner, and a fitness lover. At age 40, Carla was diagnosed with breast cancer and opted for a mastectomy with reconstructive surgery. Her implants were placed in 2017 following her reconstruction, and she underwent a revision in May of 2021 to have them moved to the top of the muscle. Eight weeks after her revision, she explanted due to rejection and severe infection. She experienced many symptoms prior to explanting, including weight gain, muscle fatigue, hip pain, frequent urination, brain fog, difficulty gaining muscle/losing weight, difficulty sleeping and breathing, and stomach bloat. It has been four weeks since her explant, and not only are all of her symptoms gone, she is also down 18 pounds. Carla's story is so special and I am excited to share it with you all.

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